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SOUND”of the Hong Kong Luen Wah Machine Welding & Iron Works Company Limited is the largest piercing manufacturers in China for perforated sheet, wood and PC-board products. With the aim of providing our customers fast, economic and high quantity products, our products are user-friendly in their installation and specifications of diversification. Our company’s products are widely used in Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, the world’s major construction projects. Our experienced staff would also provide technical advice and assistance to our customer

0.7mm @ 10mm
0.4% Open Area
0.4mm Thick
4mm @ 7mm
Hole N°73/4
30% Open Area
10mm @ 15mm
44% Open Area
1.2mm @ 2mm
33% Open Area
5mm @ 8mm
35% Open Area
12.7mm @ 17.3mm
Hole N°17
49% Open Area
1.6mm @ 4mm
15% Open Area
6mm @ 9mm
40% Open Area
15 x 3mm
@ 3mm
5% Open Area
2mm @ 4.5mm
Hole N°5
18% Open Area
8mm @ 12mm
40% Open Area
8mm @ 11mm
53% Open Area
2.5mm @ 5mm
23% Open Area
12mm @ 17mm
Hole N°10
46% Open Area
5.5 x 10mm @140mm
3mm @ 5mm
33% Open Area
6.3mm @ 8.9mm
Hole N°12.3/4
46% Open Area
80mm x 40mm
@ 17.3mm


We perforate the following materials in coil or sheet with the thicknesses from 0.4mm to 6.0mm. And the material used could be cold rolled and hot rolled mild steel, Galvanized steel (Both hot dip & electro), Pre-painted steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass Copper & Plastic.

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