kinetics    避震弹弓
Goodly      隔音材料





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Vibration Isolation for HVAC
Architectural Noise Separation
  • Floating Floors
  • Floor Underlayments
  • Isolated Ceilings
  • Isolated Partitions
  • Limp Mass Barriers
  • Sound IsolationClips
Product Spotlight

Model IsoMax Sound Isolation Clip

Designers wanting low-cost, space saving ceilings and walls that provide superior noise control employ Kinetics Model IsoMax resilient sound isolation clips.

News & Product Briefs

Kinetics AIA Accredited Presentations
Kinetics Noise Control is pleased to present four AIA Accredited Continuing Education Programs.

LEED & Kinetics Noise Control
Kinetics Noise Control is committed to help building professionals meet the exacting requirements of LEED certification.

Hanging Rod Stiffener Clamp
Kinetics Model KHRC rod stiffeners are designed to securely attach a length of steel angle to a conventional hanging threaded rod.

Outdoor Air-Cooled Chiller Acoustical Barrier Wall Systems
Learn how Kinetics achieved maximum noise reduction at a very low pressure drop.

The Kinetics/Gripple Advantage
Use Kinetics Cable Restraint Kits, featuring the Gripple Quick Fit wire rope clip, to reduce installation time.

Industrial Noise and Vibration
Interior Room Acoustics
  • Acoustical Wall and
    Ceiling Treatments
  • Acoustical Diffusers
    and Reflectors
  • Acoustical Baffles and
    Cloud Panels
Seismic Restraint
Home Theater Acoustics
  • Acoustical Wall
  • Total Room Soundproofing
  • Designer Acoustical
Duct Silencers,Plenums & Louvers
  • Commercial Silencers
  • Industrial Silencers
  • Pressurized Plenums
  • Built-up, Fan Enclosures
  • Fixed Blade Acoustical
Environmental Noise Pollution
  • Community Noise Control
  • Rigid Enclosures
  • Barrier Systems
  • Building Ventilation
  • Wall Absorption Products
Precision Equipment Isolation
  • CMM & MRI Isolation
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Foundation Design
  • Dynamometers
  • Simulation and Test
Building/Track Slab Isolation
  • Engineered spring and
    bearing products
    designed to elastically
    support buildings and
    track slabs
Heavy Industrial Noise & Vibration
  • Silencing of Engine Test
    Cells, Gas Turbine Engines,
    Tuned Mass Dampers, Wind
    Tunnels, Combustor Test
    Rigs and Heavy Industrial
Pro Theater Acoustics
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